evergreen content is essential for your content plan

3 Reasons Why You Need Evergreen Content

This week I was a surprised to receive an email that I’d sent a year ago. The content was timely and it had been refreshed, but it was clear that the evergreen content plan I’d set up was being used!

This is great, because there’d been a bit of resistance to this evergreen content in the beginning. Fresh is best, right? Right! Except when it’s not.

Here’s 3 solid reasons why evergreen content needs to be part of your marketing plan

1. Life happens

When life happens – staff get sick, or leave (sorry!) –workloads increase, and having high-quality content already in the bag can make all the difference.

2. Winter is coming

Something is always on the horizon! Sorting out a plan early will produce a better result – and building on a previous campaign allows for direct comparisons and continuous improvement.

3. Better ROI

Content is a big investment. Reusing content helps get the most bang for your buck.

But… won’t the content get stale?

Maybe – but probably not. Audience churn, plus a policy of tweaking content before reposting it (like I noticed my team did) means that everything old really is new again.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

5 reasons why listicles are literally the perfect medium

5 Reasons Why Listicles Are Wonderful Content

We’re lucky to live in the age of the Listicle. These bite-sized pieces of content are literally the perfect medium. Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. People are lazy. Listicles are easy to read, easy to write, and easy to understand.

2. They’re shareable. In this social world, sharing high-quality (or just clickable…) content is a social currency.

4. Great ROI – see points 1 and 2. These things are fast to write, and because they’re shared and clicked more than (dare I say it) better long form pieces, there’s a better return on investment.

5. No one ever reads them anyway. That means no one will even notice if you don’t include every item on the list.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.